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Learning Link

Who's in your network?

It sounds like a cell phone advertisement, but for case management professionals managing many of the challenges of healthcare, a professional network is an indispensable tool. ACMA's Learning Link is a vast electronic network that connects members through an email list serve.

Members ask questions and share their experiences, tools, resources, successes and perspectives. When you have a question or challenge, over 2,500 case management professionals are only an email away.

Here's how Learning Link works:

  • New ACMA members are automatically subscribed to Learning Link.
  • Learning Link discussion email will arrive in your inbox daily.
  • Use this powerful network to share your success and resources by contributing to the discussion and providing your prospective.
  • Ask questions as they arise, and learn from this network of collaborative professionals.
  • All Learning Link users are required to abide by the Learning Link Rules
  • For tips on getting the most value from Learning Link and proper list serve etiquette, click here.

Submit a Posting Now

If you are a current ACMA member and wish to submit a question or post to the Learning Link community, simply email your post to Please ensure that your posting includes a subject line and your full contact information as stipulated in the Learning Link Rules.

How do I Subscribe to Learning Link?

If you are an ACMA member who has previously cancelled your subscription and would like to renew, please send your request to Once your ACMA Membership status has been confirmed, your email address will then be added to the Learning Link distribution list. Please ensure you read and understand the Learning Link Rules.

Please Note: The Learning Link system only recognizes postings from members subscribed to the list. If you are not an ACMA member, and you are interested in joining in order to gain access to valuable benefits such as Learning Link, click here.

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