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Advanced Care Transitions Simulation

About Acts

ACMA’s Advanced Care Transitions Simulation (ACTS) is a transformational learning experience focused on improving care transitions through team communication, planning and collaboration. Simulations have proven to be one of the most effective learning methods. ACTS leverages unique team-based simulations that teach nurse and social work case management teams critical thinking skills in patient assessments and care coordination across the continuum. Both new staff and veteran case managers will be challenged by ACTS simulations.

Participants will complete patient assessments in both acute and post-acute care settings, collaborate in teams, and submit findings for evaluation and feedback. In addition to direct participant feedback by onsite facilitators, ACMA provides aggregate analysis to the organization for follow up opportunities.

ACTS provides a safe environment for case management departments and educators to assess gaps in skills and knowledge in longitudinal care planning.


Improve individual and team communication, planning and collaboration
Teach new case managers solid case assessment and care transitions skills
Challenge veteran case managers in critical thinking skills
Allow for applicability to community partners (payors, rehab, etc.)
Identify opportunities and gaps in transition to post-acute settings
Teach staff to “connect the dots” across the continuum and create longitudinal, sustainable plans of care

ACTS uniquely blends an online educator and trainee platform with multiple delivery method options to fit your case management department best.

To learn more about ACTS or to schedule a demo, please contact us.

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