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What Our Clients are Saying

Compass Directional Training

About Compass

Compass is an online learning system that teaches and tests solid foundational knowledge in case management and physician advisory practices. The system features two comprehensive course libraries – one for case managers and one for physician advisors.

Content is developed, validated and maintained by an advisory board of practice experts who monitor regulatory and practice changes.

The 2021 Compass includes the following content libraries and continuing education:


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With the shifting landscape of healthcare today, it’s more important than ever to keep staff well-informed of current regulations and practices in case management. Case management teams across the nation rely on Compass as a comprehensive solution to train and measure competency for their staff.


Interactive web-based training modules
Skillset videos that apply knowledge to real-life scenarios
Continuum-based interactive scenarios to maximize competence
Competency exams to validate knowledge
Scaled training videos to meet mobile learning needs
Enhanced administrative reporting measure impact and make meaningful decisions on staff development
Renewed continuing education for nurses, social workers, and physician advisors
Applicable to all levels of nurse and social work case managers


Expanded content on key tenets of care coordination and care coordination across the continuum
New module: Emergency Department Case Management
New module: Digital Health Solutions
Lessons learned: Enhanced content on case management emergency preparedness
CMS and legislative updates: IPPS and OPPS final rules, Home Health Care Planning Improvement Act, and more!

What Our Clients are Saying

Compass is proven in its effectiveness to teach the foundation of case management and is currently in use at over 1,500 facilities.

We absolutely love the Compass Tool. It has transformed our onboarding process for new hire as well as served as a validation for existing staff competencies... The tool is extremely helpful in engaging and assisting to prepare employees [...]. We especially love that the tool is updated annually now. It's an invaluable resource for the department!!!

Maureen Zukauskas, MS, BSN, RN, ACM-RN, CPHM
Maureen Zukauskas, MS, BSN, RN, ACM-RN, CPHM
Nurse Manager, Hartford Hospital
Modules were the most comprehensive care management training that I have had since starting in care management in 2012. I found the modules pertinent and engaging. The information was not busy work or boring to sit through. I did not dread the modules as they provided an overview of how everything fits together. I look forward to the immersive education the 2019 modules will bring to further enrich my current knowledge... They were the best training I have received in the 6 years I have worked in CM.

Terri Cortes RN, MSHSA
AdventHealth Deland
For years there was a gap in educational platforms with directional training for case management professionals. From the initial version of Compass, through today, ACMA has delivered exceptional learning and teaching aides that have helped mold case management's response to an ever evolving health care delivery system. ACMA Compass has remained relevant not only to subject matter, but has also advanced the format, to stay current with technology. Thanks for creating and maintaining this invaluable program.

Titus Gambrell, RN, DNP
Chief Nursing Officer
Trinity Health

Compass training is a great resource for all case management staff. If you are brand new to case management requiring training, or you have 20 plus years of experience, Compass has relevant lessons to provide education for all.

Annelli Redlin, RN
Adventist Health

Compass training keeps me current on educational topics specific to the care management arena. With the ever changing demands in healthcare, Compass is essential for not only the seasoned RN, but those new to CM nursing. I found the essentials of the practice of case management in the Compass modules. Compass captured rules, regulations and practice standards. I have been a RN case manager for 20 years and still learn something new every year!

Mary Lynne Lewis, RN
Director, CM/UM

It is very informative and an excellent learning opportunity for me. It is a MUST for any Case Manager especially new to the job to have this training prior to assuming the role of CM. I strongly recommend and wish CM dept. from other facilities or health systems would acquire this learning application.

Annette Terrenate, RN
Catholic Health Services OCR

In the three years that we have been using Compass, I have noted that the staff has been able to articulate concepts with more authority. The case studies that are sprinkled in the videos are timely and accurate. The manual is a valuable resource!

Sally Holland MSN, RN, ACM-RN
Assistant Director, Clinical Case Management
Cone Health

Compass provides an updated, yearly program to enrich the knowledge of the most seasoned Case Manager as well as providing wonderful orientation modules for your new Case Managers.

Patricia Ward, ACBSW, CSW
Patient Resource Manager
Duke University Medical Center

As a case manager in an outpatient setting, Compass allows for me to obtain updated trainings to ensure I'm providing quality care and service to each patient I interact with. Compass allows for me to maintain knowledge in the Case Management profession.

Gerald Joseph, MSW
Inova Health System

I work for a company that routinely invests in Compass training. I am proud to say that it has assisted in my continued education and certifications. I am a stronger case manager because of Compass.

Monica Stricklin, RN
Utilization Review Patient Care Coordinator
Kaiser Permanente

By using this consistent format with all Case Management Employees, I can be assured that everyone has heard the same information and has passed the basic expectations of that information so that any further training can start from a common place.

Susan Payne, RN, BSN, ACM-RN
Case Management/Social Services
Clearview Regional Medical Center

Compass training is a comprehensive program designed to provide standardized training for case management staff. It is not intended to be a preparatory course for the Accredited Case Manager (ACM) Exam or a stand-alone preparatory resource.

Compass continuing education (CE) contact hours are generally accepted by most professional nursing and social work organizations and state board of nursing and social work. ACMA has made substantial efforts to obtain appropriate providerships for CE offerings and many licensing authorities allow for some form of CE reciprocity. However, ACMA does not warrant that all professional organizations or licensing authorities will accept its CE contact hours. If in doubt, individuals are advised to contact their professional licensing organizations or licensing authorities to confirm acceptance of these contact hours. Click here to learn more.

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