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CMAC Certification FAQ

Who Can Take the CMAC Exam?

There are two tracks of eligibility to sit for the CMAC certification exam. Meeting criteria within either of the two eligibility tracks provided will be sufficient.

All RNs and SWs who meet the eligibility requirements for the Accredited Case Manager exam are required to hold their ACM credential at the time of application and must apply using Track One requirements. Candidates that are not RNs or SWs are to use Track Two to apply for the exam.

Track One:

All RNs and SWs who meets the eligibility requirements for the Accredited Case Manager exam are required to hold the ACM credential at the time of application.

Certification Criteria: Candidates must continue to meet the ACM exam eligibility requirements and hold a current ACM-RN or ACM-SW credential that is in good standing.

Experience Criteria: Two (2) years’, or 4,160 hours, of work experience employed as a case manager, case management administrator and/or leader, or in a role that falls within the ACMA Standards of Practice & Scope of Services.

Track Two:

If you are not an RN or SW, you must meet the education and experience requirements in one of the following categories:

  • Master’s degree and one-year experience in case management administration;
  • Master’s degree and three years’ experience as a case manager;
  • Bachelor’s degree and three years’ experience in case management administration; or
  • Bachelor’s degree and five years’ experience as a case manager.

*There is no reciprocity between eligibility or credentialing for the CMAC or ACM programs.

How do I apply for the CMAC Certification Exam?

Candidates may submit their application at any time but will be scheduled for the next quarterly testing window.

Upon receipt of approval, candidates will receive a scheduling notice from ACMA's testing partner and will be directed to schedule their examination through the testing partner's online portal within specified testing quarter, or by contacting the testing partner by phone.

Candidates must submit their application by the following deadlines to test within the specified periods:

Candidates applying by: Will be eligible to test in:
November 15 January, February or March
February 15 April, May or June
May 15 July, August or September
August 15 October, November or December

How Much does the CMAC Cerification Exam Cost

Track 1: one-time fee of $239

Track 2: one-time fee of $439

If a candidate fails to pass on the first attempt, they may retake the examination one (1) time within 90 days from the initial failed attempt. If candidate does not pass the retest, they must wait a minimum of 3 months to test again.

Where Can I Take the CMAC Certification Exam?

ACMA partners with PSI Services to administer the CMAC Certification examination. PSI operates 350+ testing centers across the country. To find testing center near you, please click here.

What if I Miss my Test Date?

Candidates must take the exam within their allotted testing period. Candidates can reschedule an examination within the same testing period if they contact PSI within two business days prior to their scheduled exam. (To reschedule an exam, call PSI at (855) 539-0716. Do not contact the assessment center directly.)

If a candidate fails to report for an examination, fails to appropriately reschedule an examination within two business days of the scheduled testing date or reschedules an examination more than once, the examination registration fees will be forfeited.

What's Covered on the CMAC Exam?

ACMA makes an outline of content categories publicly available for candidate review. The outline is included within the CMAC Candidate Handbook. All candidates should review the CMAC Candidate Handbook and the content outline to prepare for the exam. This is a free and public resource.

How Can I Study for the CMAC Certification Exam?

It is never too early to start making your plan for exam preparation! Start by accessing the CMAC Candidate Handbook to ensure you have the most current information about the test. The handbook contains important information such as examination procedures, the content outline, scoring and policies.

Local ACMA Chapters can be a great resource when studying for the CMAC exam. You can find the nearest chapter by clicking here.

When purchasing any preparatory course, be aware that ACMA has not provided, to any third party, any details regarding exam content beyond the publicly available materials published on ACMA’s website. Any preparatory course or study materials available from a third party are based on their own knowledge, experience and publicly available information. Preparatory courses may or may not accurately predict the material that is on the examination. No developer of preparatory materials can know for certain what will appear on the examination, nor can they guarantee that you will achieve a passing score on the examination. Be wary of any party making such claims.

How can I verify my CMAC credential?

Status of an CMAC credential can be verified online, by written request (mail, fax or e-mail) to the ACMA National Office. Inquiries about an individual’s credential status will be answered with the category, certification number, validation period and statement of standing. Mailed requests can be sent to: National Board of Case Management (NBCM) c/o ACMA National Office, Attn. Certification Department, 17200 Chenal Parkway Ste 300 #345, Little Rock, AR 72223

Faxed requests can be sent to: (501) 227-4247

What Happens if I Do Not Pass the CMAC Certification Exam?

If a candidate fails to pass on the first attempt they may apply and retake the exam an additional one (1) time within 90 days of the initial failed attempt for a fee of $239 or $439 (depending on track) If the candidate does not pass the retest, they must wait a minimum of 3 months to apply to test again.

How Do I Apply for a CMAC Exam Retest?

To apply for a retest, candidates should go to the CMAC Portal and log in using the credentials provided at the time of their initial account setup. Clicking on the “Retest Application” tab available within the account will open a pre-populated application form. Candidates should verify the information is correct and complete, and then submit, their application for approval.

Verification of receipt will be emailed by ACMA. Once candidates receive a scheduling notice from PSI, the exam can be scheduled online or by phone with the testing provider.

How Much is the Cost to Retest?

If a candidate fails to pass on the first attempt they may apply and retake the exam an additional one (1) time within 90 days of the initial failed attempt for a fee of $239 or $439 (depending on track) If the candidate does not pass the retest, they must wait a minimum of 3 months to apply to test again.

What are the CMAC Recertification Requirements?

The CMAC credential is valid for a five (5) year period. To recertify, fifty (50) hours of continuing education are required.

  • Forty (40) of the Fifty (50) hours must be specific to case management, administration, leadership or specific to your field of practice. The remaining ten (10) hours can be general health education related.
  • Ten (10) hours can be non-Case Management or leadership in healthcare related.

NOTE: For option #1 below, one (1) continuing education credit (CE) equals one (1) 60-minute hour.

Continuing Education for Recertification

Approved ACM educational programs must be sponsored, presented or approved by one of the ACM accepted approving organizations, and include courses for which the content/subject matter is specific to either (A) health care delivery system case management or (B) related to the practice of healthcare in the certificant’s field of practice.

1 Participation as a student in an on-site or virtual educational session, provided by one of the following:
  • American Case Management Association (ACMA)
  • American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC)
  • National Association of Social Workers (NASW)
  • Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB)
  • State nursing and social work board-approved educational courses
  • Commission for Case Manager Certification (CCMC) and the CCMC Pre-Approved Continuing Education (PACE) program
As noted by provider
2 Participation as a committee member, co-chair, or chair for a full term on an ACMA committee (e.g., ACM or CMAC rewrite committee); subject to chair confirmation of attendance and participation 10 per year of participation
3 Participation as a Board member for a full term on an ACMA Board (e.g., ACMA Board of Directors, National Case Management Board); subject to chair confirmation of attendance and participation 10 per year of participation
4 Obtaining a new ACMA certification by taking and passing a certification exam 5 per certification
5 Instruction of a case management-related course for an accredited academic institution; courses can be counted twice per four-year period 10 for each academic credit hour
6 Participation as a speaker at a case management-related live or virtual conference or presenter of live or virtual session provided by ACMA, ANCC, NASW, ASWB, state nursing or social work boards, or CCMC/PACE 10 for each session presented
7 Participation as a student in an accredited academic institution, not to exceed 40 hours in a four-year period. Credit is only provided for passing classes in an academic program that are related to case management, leadership, nursing, social work, and support activities and are subject to review. 10 for each academic credit hour

NOTE: All ACMA-issued continuing education can automatically be applied to the CMAC recertification requirements. Along with your continuing education credits, you will be required to complete a recertification application and submit this with payment of $185.00.

Where Can I find Additional CMAC Information?

More information regarding the CMAC Certification can be found on the ACMA website and in the CMAC Candidate Handbook. ACMA staff is also on hand to answer any questions you may have. Click here to contact us.

How Do I Get my Certificate?

ACMA provides a wall certificate to every new and renewing certification holder. Effective for those certifications achieved January 1, 2021 or later, ACMA will no longer mail you a copy of your certificate. You can instead access your certificate immediately in your certification portal on the ACMA website.

  • Go
  • Log into your account
  • Go to your certification portal
  • Click on “My Credential”
  • Your certificate is available to view, print, or download as PDF

I need to update my name in PSI’s system. How do I complete this process?

To update your name, please call ACMA at 501-907-2262 ahead of your exam (at least 48 business hours before your scheduled appointment). Failure to provide proper identification can result in a forfeit of your exam fee.


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