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Honoring Health Care Social Workers

Total Donated: $1,150.00
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Platinum Donations
In Honor of: Social Work Case Management team, Duke University Hospital 
In appreciation for their ongoing commitment to excellence
Devi Desai
Chapel Hill, NC
In Honor of: Social Work Team at HonorHealth & Innovation Care Partners 
For Their Ongoing Dedication & Committment to Our Patients
Pamela Foster
Scottsdale, AZ
Gold Donations
In Honor of: ACMA Board of Directors- Social Workers 
Angie Roberson
Union, SC
In Honor of: All Social Workers Everywhere 
Ronald Hirsch, M.D.
Elgin, IL
In Honor of: Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System Social Workers 
Angie Roberson
Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System
Spartanburg, SC
In Honor of: St. Mary's Health Care System 
Awesome social workers!
Titus Gambrell
St. Mary's Health Care System
Athens, GA
Silver Donations
In Honor of: Pam Foster & John Sillipigni 
Thank you for your contribution to ACMA board!
Devi Desai
Chapel Hill, NC
In Honor of: Pam Foster, John Silipigni, Devi Desai & Stacia Fisher 
In appreciation of their contributions to ACMA leadership
Beverly Wagner
Chapel Hill, NC
In Honor of: Pam Foster, Devi Desai and Stacia Fisher 
Great Social Work Colleagues on the National Board!
John V. Silipigni
Pittsburgh, PA
In Honor of: Rex Healthcare Social Workers & ACMA Social Worker Members 
Thank you for advocating for our patients and families.
Andra Givens
ACMA Fundraising, Chairperson
Raleigh, NC
In Honor of: Social Workers at Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC 
For your tireless commitment to patients and families!
John V. Silipigni
Magee-Womens Hospital Of Upmc
Pittsburgh, PA
In Honor of: UPMC Presbyterian-Shadyside Social Workers 
In appreciation of their hard work and dedication
Ann Kostial
Upmc Presbyterian-Shadyside
Pittsburgh, PA
In Honor of: Pamela Foster, Lcsw, Mba, Acm-Sw
For her committment to and leadership of ACMA.
Patti Velky
Pearland, TX
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